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Planning for LIFE Experience™

Financial planning often seems mysterious and uncertain, so the mere thought of it slows you down, right?  Don’t be overwhelmed.  Done professionally, financial planning brings confidence, peace of mind, and numerous monetary benefits that align with your retirement goals.

Our mission at Wealth Legacy Institute is to design a financial plan that brings your vision, values, and goals to fruition.  It’s that straightforward.  No mystique.  No pressure. No sales.  Nothing but honest expertise, warmth, and passion for your financial success.

That’s what we offer—financial advice that works for your lifetime and beyond, built together.  The proof is in our long- term client retention and their goal achievement.

Using our Planning for LIFE Experience™ process, we learn where you want to go and help you get there. We’ll do the heavy lifting and design a tailored financial plan with staying power. Six elements will get you there:

6 Key Elements to Financial Planning

1. Know your financial starting line
2. Protect what's important
3. Enhance your wealth
4. Manage taxes
5. Plan for retirement
6. Preserve wealth & create a family legacy

Intelligent Investing™

All investors want certainty, but that is not the nature of markets. Investing is a dynamic process and part of a lifelong journey. To have a successful investment experience, you need an investment philosophy you can stick with, through the ups and downs of market cycles.

We manage uncertainty by taking a research-driven, systematic approach to investing - one that can be implemented consistently and understood by investors. Our Intelligent Investing™ philosophy views markets as an ally, not an adversary. The four principles of Intelligent Investing™ are:

1. Take the long-term view
2. Balance risk
3. Utilize the six factors of return
4. Practice global diversification

By utilizing a repeatable framework, we add value through portfolio implementation as we guide you through challenging market conditions. These time-tested principles help you set realistic goals, shield you from tax mistakes, and keep you from letting emotions get in the way of intelligent decisions.

That means more than just returns. It means peace of mind because you know there is a transparent process, backed by decades of research, powering every decision.

Low-cost Investments

We use a combination of Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) from Dimensional Fund Advisors, Vanguard, and iShares by Blackrock.  Our average internal expense ratio for investment portfolios is 0.13%.

Dimensional Fund Advisors

We are proud to be a part of a select group of fee-only investment advisors that work with Dimensional Fund Advisors. Their leadership includes Nobel Laureates and leading academics, which provide innovative investment philosophy.

Independent Custodians

To hold your investment accounts, we use Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, or Betterment Institutional as custodians. They provide transparency and a system of checks and balances to safeguard your investment accounts.

Financial Education

It may sound lofty, but for us, the word “institute” really represents our organization’s core essence.  It reveals the deep value we have for life-long learning.  Learning opens all of our worlds and each of our hearts.  Through learning we come to new understandings. We gain compassion.  It nurtures curiosity, creates fresh growth, innovation, personal delight and new solutions we couldn’t see before.

We place a premium on the learning that can happen between our team of financial advisors and you. We all benefit when we share knowledge, experience and hard-won wisdom. We value what you can teach us and we hold golden the opportunity to be a trusted resource and ally to you and your family. We bring some very particular areas of expertise that you might find helpful:

Areas of Expertise:

• Retirement transition planning
• Elder care services
• Intergenerational financial planning

Family Dynamics

Having enough financial resources to maintain a stable home and ensure your family’s sustainability is only one element of a successful family. We have resources that can facilitate enhanced family collaboration, effective communication and conflict resolution so that you’ll have a stronger family—a family that can thrive, even when faced with adversity.

Financial Literacy

Feeling confident and competent in understanding your own finances is essential to having peace of mind. Knowledge brings power and opportunity. As you increase your financial literacy, you discover you have more options and control than you may have thought. You also become a great role model for your kids, students, nieces and nephews in how to thoughtfully manage money. Whether it is a complex estate planning situation, a tangled financial matter or teaching your children money skills, we are here to help.

Community Outreach

We are a firm with a soul. We believe in being an active participant in the community. Individually and collectively, we volunteer with local organizations, conduct free educational programs, do public speaking and work to be a positive community resource. We’d be happy to hold a workshop for your group or speak at your next event. Just give us a call.