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Every client is unique when it comes to the life they live and the future they envision.
Our mission as fiduciary financial advisors is to nurture the human spirit through unbiased advice that supports a healthy, fulfilling life — one person at a time. At Wealth Legacy Institute, we focus on long-term, collaborative, and fiduciary client relationships. We guide clients through a structured financial planning and investment management process that is key to their ultimate success. We are committed to helping people live the life they imagine.
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Uncover your financial values, attitudes, and goals that will begin to shape your master plan.


We'll create tailored strategies, tactics, and tools to match your financial planning goals.

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Together, we set your plan in motion by implementing our recommendations.


Measure and evaluate your progress towards your unique goals – in person, video chat, or phone.

Master your money

The first step to living the retirement lifestyle you dream of is good financial planning. While many people know what they should do, their behavior doesn’t always align. Our financial planning guide offers you a blueprint: small, simple adjustments, that can make the difference between retiring comfortably or dying broke.

This Money Secrets eBook will help you:

  • Put money into its proper place
  • Save years of time by avoiding behavioral pitfalls
  • Learn the essential shortcuts to develop financial clarity and confidence
  • Play to win

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