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Taxpayer Rights

Taxpayer Rights

As U.S. citizens, when you interact with the IRS you have certain rights, even with asking a simple question about taxes. These rights are outlined in...

8 Tips for Extension Filers

The six month tax return extension is fast approaching the October 15th deadline. If you filed an extension, you can file anytime before October 15th ...

Most Common Tax Return Errors

Filling out an accurate and complete tax return form is important. When it’s incorrect or isn’t filled out all the way, it takes longer to process and...

Be Aware of Tax Scams

During tax filing season, there is an increase in tax scams that criminals use to get your valuable personal information.

IRS Tax Tips- Renting Your Vacation Home [Video]

Trump's Tax Plan and How It Would Affect You [Video]

President Donald Trump has promised that his tax reform plan, the first significant tax code overhaul in 30 years, will reduce taxes for middle class ...

College Tax Credits [Comparison]

  The time for summer college tours has begun. While you're looking at which university your child will pick, don't forget to consider the different t...

Retirement Planning- IRA Contributions [Chart]

If you're working on your 2016 Taxes, there is still time to contribute to your IRA (not including extensions). For most taxpayers, the contribution d...

Investing and Taxes [Chart]

Now that we're officially in tax season, it time to start thinking about the tax impact of the activity in your investment accounts. As you start work...

Retirement Distributions

While we are deep in tax season, many people begin to review their retirement plans and accounts. Over time, many may find it necessary to take money ... & Your Tax Returns

If you're getting a jump start on your 2015 taxes, has curated a list of excellent resources. Here's a list of helpful links for your taxes: 

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