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Women and Retirement

June 22, 2018, No Comments by Kimberly L. Curtis

A new study funded by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College found that women spend less of their lives married. Looking at households from the Depression Era to Mid Baby Boomers, the study found the percentage of years women spend married has dropped from 70% to 50%. Three factors contributed to this drop.

5 Essential Steps to Negotiate with Confidence in 2014!

February 20, 2014, No Comments by Shannon E. Johnson


Wealth Legacy Institute continues to be excited about organizations and causes in which we believe. As we encourage all to emphasize, what is your legacy? As a firm, we are committed to leaving a lasting positive impression on the world.

Beauty over Bounty?

August 15, 2013, No Comments by Kimberly L. Curtis


An online survey conducted by Credit Karma discovered that an overwhelming 72% of body-conscious participants would rather be weighed down by debt than by an extra twenty-five pounds.

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