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Kim Curtis on Fox31 News Discussing Interest Rate Hike

December 18, 2015, No Comments by Kimberly L. Curtis

Kim was on Fox31 Denver this week discussing the interest rate hike with journalist Joe St. George. Check out the segment below!

3 Ways to Give Back for Thanksgiving

November 24, 2015, No Comments by Shannon E. Johnson


If you're checking off your to-do list before Thanksgiving, you are not alone! I am working my way through how much butter I actually need to purchase this week (does 12 sticks seem excessive to you?). And while the holidays are a great time to be thankful and enjoy festivities, it's always important to pause and think about how to give back. If you're in the Denver area,  9 News released a list of local charities you can help this season; here are a few to check out: 

Money Secrets for Kids

September 24, 2014, No Comments by Kimberly L. Curtis


We have been on the workshop circuit a lot this month. As we’ve presented our Art of Negotiation workshop to Centurylink, Otterbox, and Covidien over the past few weeks, we continue to get feedback about the difficult conversations individuals and families have around money. We hear about retirement worries, budget concerns, financial plan questions, investment misunderstanding…it ranges the entire spectrum. These are issues many families face and the best way to change the course for your children is to start early.

5 Essential Steps to Negotiate with Confidence in 2014!

February 20, 2014, No Comments by Shannon E. Johnson


Wealth Legacy Institute continues to be excited about organizations and causes in which we believe. As we encourage all to emphasize, what is your legacy? As a firm, we are committed to leaving a lasting positive impression on the world.

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