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Yesterday, we listed five tips that could help prepare for your tax filing. And the IRS keeps it coming! They have recently released social media options to help you find valuable tax resources. This could be a huge asset for your retirement and financial planning.

One important element of a comprehensive financial plan is taking your tax liability into consideration. With the new, quick help available, it's much more accessible than in the past. Here are a few options that can help you get through tax season:

1. IRS2Go: They have created a free mobile app to check on your refund, watch informational YouTube videos, and get tax news updates.

2. Twitter: Tweets from @IRSnews provide tax-related announcements and daily tax tips. @IRStaxpros tweets news and guidance for tax professionals.

3. Podcasts: This is a great option for your morning commute! Download podcasts from the  Multimedia Center and listen to tax-related recordings to and from work. Once you're home, you're done!

4. Subscribe to the IRS Tax Tips: This email list is informative, concise and helpful.

The new social advances with the IRS allows for consumers to have more information before their filing deadlines. Take advantage of the resources at hand!

Do you follow the IRS on Twitter? Have you found the new resources helpful?

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