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The holiday season is a great time to begin thinking about what you'd like to change, improve or do more of before we ring in a new year. The starting point of any goal is getting your mind in the right space. This is part of our financial planning process, called the Planning for LIFE Experience™. If you have a few days off from your day-to-day responsibilities, take the extra time to evaluate your objectives and what you want to do differently in the new year. 

To help get in the right mental space to make a financial change, we have an exercise to help you discover what you believe about money. It will help you identify your money scripts, the unconscious assumptions and beliefs you hold about money. This is a stream of consciousness exercise and there are no right or wrong answers. Resist the temptation to think too much about your answers, and respond with the first thing that comes to mind. Write as quickly as you can to complete the statement or answer the question.

Complete the following sentences: 

Wealthy people got that way by_____________________________________________

Poor people are poor because________________________________________________

Parents owe their children__________________________________________________

Adult children owe their parents_____________________________________________

Successful family members owe their less successful relatives_______________________

Financially, I am entitled to_________________________________________________

Financially, I do not deserve_________________________________________________

In terms of giving, I believe I________________________________________________

One should never spend money for __________________________________________

One should always spend money for__________________________________________

The relationship between God (Energy) and money is_____________________________

The relationship between love and money is____________________________________

The dumbest thing someone can do with money is_______________________________

The smartest thing someone can do with money is _______________________________

What I would want my children to understand about money is_____________________

What I am teaching my children about money is_________________________________

The best way to help my children financially is__________________________________

I could never afford to______________________________________________________

I will always be able to afford to______________________________________________

I should give money to_____________________________________________________

Did any of your answers surprise you? Did you find the exercise helpful in understanding your mental map?

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