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Kim Curtis Speaks at Harvard [Speech]

August 04, 2017, No Comments

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We are thrilled to announce our CEO, Kim Curtis, had the opportunity to speak at Harvard University last week and received the ‘Financial Innovator Award’ for her work in integrating quantitative and qualitative elements into financial planning through the use of Humanigraphix™.

She spoke to 150 thought leaders from around the world at the Business Expert Forum, sponsored by the Entrepreneurship Club at Harvard Business School.

According to the White House Counsel of Economic Advisors, American workers lose over 17 billion dollars each year due to unscrupulous financial advice. Kim pulled back the curtain on the financial services industry to reveal why smart people make bad investment mistakes.

“Money is a lot like health; we intellectually know what we need to do, but somehow manage to miss a few steps," Kim commented, "‘Save more, Spend less or Calories in, Calories out,' what is missing from those slogans?” Kim went on to share simple money mistakes most people make. “One thing is for sure; you either master money, or money will master you.”

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