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Food for Thought

June 27, 2013, No Comments by Shannon E. Johnson

I love food.

Teacher for a Day

June 10, 2013, No Comments by Susan J. Saunders


The classroom walls were brightly covered with art and completed projects of the children being artists and scientists.  They sat four to a table with pencils, colored markers, and tape in the center of their work desks.  Excitement filled the air as they were told that today’s math lesson would be replaced by an exciting workshop, presented by volunteers from Junior Achievement (JA).  These fresh faced 2nd graders, hands flaring in the air, were all too eager to share their answer to the question I asked, “What are some jobs you would find in a community?”  Moving in closer to see the name plate on the desk, I called on Jason, who with much enthusiasm and conviction said “Firefighter!”   Intimidating? Yes!

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