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Retirement Planning- IRA Contributions [Chart]

March 23, 2017, No Comments by Kimberly L. Curtis

If you're working on your 2016 Taxes, there is still time to contribute to your IRA (not including extensions). For most taxpayers, the contribution deadline is April 18, 2017. As long as your total contributions don't exceed the annual limit, you can contribute to a traditional IRA, Roth IRA or both. 

The 2016 income phaseout ranges for determining deductibility of traditional IRA contributions are: 

Interest Rate Hike [Video]

March 17, 2017, No Comments by Niels A. Jepsen

Our CEO, Kim Curtis, discusses the impact of interest rates on Fox 31 Denver. Check it out! 

Job Transition [Checklist]

March 10, 2017, No Comments by Shannon E. Johnson


So, you've landed the gig-- congrats! As you start a new job, it's an exciting time filled with possibilities. It can also be slightly chaotic as you transition into your new normal. Make sure you evaluate your financial and retirement planning as you enter into a new work space. 

Our checklist will walk you through simple questions to make sure your financial plan is on track. 

Financial Spring Cleaning [Infographic]

March 02, 2017, No Comments by Kimberly L. Curtis

March is here and it's time for some Spring cleaning. Organizing finances stresses many people out. But just like any organization effort, taking it one step at a time can make it more manageable.

While you're setting up garage sales and making donation trips to the thrift store, check out that overflowing bill drawer... a few hours on a Saturday can help you stay organized all year. Learn what to keep and what to toss below. 

Investing and Taxes [Chart]

February 24, 2017, No Comments by Shannon E. Johnson

Now that we're officially in tax season, it time to start thinking about the tax impact of the activity in your investment accounts. As you start working with your tax preparer, it's beneficial to understand the taxes on dividends and capital gains. 

How to Budget in Three Basic Steps [Checklist]

February 16, 2017, No Comments by Niels A. Jepsen

Budgeting. No one likes to do it, yet its one of the most important factors with the success of your financial plan. As advisors, we like to think of it as a spending plan--- feels less painful.  

Best Financial Advisors: Wealth Legacy Institute [Award]

February 09, 2017, No Comments by Kimberly L. Curtis

Wealth Legacy Institute has been ranked a Best Financial Advisor in Colorado for the third year in a row-- we are thrilled.  Learn more about Advisory HQ here. Our review is listed below:

How to Build Wealth if you have Debt [Interview]

February 03, 2017, No Comments by Shannon E. Johnson

Our CEO, Kim Curtis, spoke with Fox News in Colorado Springs about building wealth while paying off debt. Balancing retirement savings and debt repayment can be a challenging part of financial planning. With her financial planning advice, you can begin your journey to creating wealth in a manageable way. 


The main takeaways? Understand your debt, set SMART goals, create a spending plan and pay yourself first. If you can master these key areas, you'll be on your way to having a healthy financial plan. 

Buying a Home

December 16, 2016, No Comments by Niels A. Jepsen


Whether you're planning for retirement or just starting your financial planning, buying a home can impact your entire financial picture. Often times, families and individuals purchase in the summer--However, if you're trying to score a deal, winters can be a buyers market. Before taking the mortgage plunge, consider the following home-buying checklist. 

Charitable Giving

December 08, 2016, No Comments by Shannon E. Johnson


As we're counting down to 2017 and the year is coming to a close, you may begin to start thinking about charitable giving. Whether the holiday season is inspiring you to pause or you're thinking of year end planning, it's helpful to know some basic charitable giving information before the year-end tax deadlines.