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How Do Pension Plans Work and What Do You Need to Know for Retirement?

How Do Pension Plans Work and What Do You Need to Know for Retirement?

The history of pension plans for retirement goes back a long time. In the United States, pensions can be traced back to the 18th century, when survivi...

How to Turn your Black Friday Savings into Tax Savings

Are you a Black Friday regular? Each year, retailers like Best Buy, Target, Amazon, and Sephora attract consumers to their Black Friday deals on every...

How to Prepare For The Medicare Open Enrollment Period

[Updated November 2, 2023]

Disaster Preparedness Tips to Protect Your Family and Your Financial Well-Being

In August 2023, Hurricane Hilary (later downgraded to a tropical storm) hit Southern California and Mexico with unprecedented flooding, landslides and...

How to Qualify and Apply for Colorado’s Property Tax Exemptions for Seniors

If you’re a senior aged 65 or older living in Colorado, you may qualify for property tax exemptions to help lower your tax bill.

Let’s Celebrate National 401(k) Day September 8, 2023 - How to Get More From Your 401(k)

Do we actually need a National 401(k) Day? Actually, it might be more necessary than you think.

New Tax Law Lets You Move 529 Funds to Roth IRA: How Retirees Benefit

Starting in 2024, there will be a major change to 529 plans that allow for a new transfer option to Roth IRAs. The new provision is part of the SECURE...

Why Being Loyal to One Bank Could Cost You in 2023

Interest rates have been on everyone’s minds this year—but do you know how much you’re earning on your cash savings? If not, you might want to sit dow...

Does Your Low-Rate Mortgage Have You Feeling Stuck? Don't Worry - You Have Options

Many homeowners are feeling “locked in” by ultra-low mortgage rates offered during the height of the pandemic. When mortgage interest rates hit histor...

Is It Too Late to Make Money With I Bonds?

I bonds were a popular option in 2022. With a combination of government-backed security and high-interest rates linked to inflation, their yield peake...

U.S. Debt Ceiling Resolution One Month Out: Impacts and What’s to Come

For much of the spring, the U.S. debt ceiling was the hottest topic at the intersection of politics and the economy. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy had ...

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