Let’s start with the obvious: money makes people anxious.

Regardless of your age or how much money you have, money questions plague all of us. The questions around money penetrate every aspect of our lives. Do I have enough? Will I have enough? What is enough?

I hear these questions every day in my work as a financial advisor—from middle-aged couples questioning how to support their college-age kids and their elderly parents; newly divorced women afraid they can’t make it on their own; and retired couples fearful their nest egg is insufficient to live out their retirement dreams.

The financial services industry is set up to profit off of your fears, hopes, and dreams. And most consumers are unaware of the fact that the majority of financial advisors are not required to have their best interests in mind.

I founded Wealth Legacy Institute on the philosophy that long-term, collaborative, fiduciary relationships with clients are key to financial success. By having an independent professional who acts as a fiduciary (similar to a CPA or an attorney), clients receive unbiased advice that is in their best interests at all times, in all transactions.

Currency fluctuates. Value does not. ®

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Our Fiduciary Oath

We strive to build long-term, collaborative relationships with clients. We guide, advocate, and steward for your particular circumstances and financial objectives. We are fiduciaries, which means we work in our client’s best interests at all times, in all transactions.

Is your advisor a fiduciary?  Ask them to sign the Fiduciary Oath



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