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Charitable Giving

As we're counting down to 2017 and the year is coming to a close, you may begin to start thinking about charitable giving. Whether the holiday season ...

3 Ways to Give Back for Thanksgiving

If you're checking off your to-do list before Thanksgiving, you are not alone! I am working my way through how much butter I actually need to purchase...

Charitable Giving

The holiday season is almost upon us. As we all start (or put off) the seasonal planning, its pretty interesting to think about the amount of time, en...

Long-Term Care Insurance

As the population is living longer and beginning to have lengthier retirements, long term care insurance becomes an essential financial planning topic...

Election Day

November 4, 2014: election day... we're all hearing the constant advertisements and having our mailboxes full of election mailers. Fun, fun! 

Financial Planning Days

Do you have a financial plan? With pensions going by the wayside, retirement planning has been forced upon the individual. The security of long term c...

Personal Finance Blind Spots

Your family is, in many ways, a reflection of you. That means you get credit for all of the wonderful things in your family, but also to take responsi...

5 Stats You Didn't know about Charitable Giving

At this point, we've all seen the videos and shout outs: “I’ve been nominated by so and so and am accepting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Now I nomina...

Education Options for Grandparents

A recent AARP study of 1,904 grandparents showed that 96% of grandparents say they spend money on their grandchildren.

Money Map for Kids

As people are starting to plan for their Labor Day weekends, it has me wondering… where did summer go??!

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