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Is A College Degree Worth It?

July 13, 2018, No Comments by Kimberly L. Curtis

As the cost of higher education continues to climb, is the cost for a degree worth it? Some of the most successful people in the world dropped out of college. The answer is tricky and it depends.

No Copay Radio - Kim Curtis

March 22, 2018, No Comments by Kimberly L. Curtis

Kim Curtis, CEO of Wealth Legacy Institute was interviewed on Cruisin’ KEZW 1430 AM for No Copay Radio by legendary radio host, Murphy Huston, and Jayla Sanchez-Warren, representing Denver Regional Council on Governments (DRCOG). Curtis discussed retirement planning concerns and health care issues that exist today.

12 Calendar Money Habits

January 11, 2018, No Comments by Kimberly L. Curtis

Every New Year is an opportunity to start fresh. Here are 12 steps you can take throughout the year to help ensure a prosperous year.

Home Buying Mistakes to Avoid [Video]

August 24, 2017, No Comments by Kimberly L. Curtis


How to Protect and Build Your Credit Score [7 Tips]

August 10, 2017, No Comments by Kimberly L. Curtis

Credit scores and how they are determined can be confusing. Your credit score is calculated by plugging the information from your credit report into a credit score formula. You may have many credit scores based on who provided the score. Bad credit can haunt you and your credit history for decades. Credit reports may affect mortgage rates, credit card approvals, apartment requests and even your job application.

Marriage Money [Video]

July 27, 2017, No Comments by Kimberly L. Curtis



Americans have a lot of stress around money, and that easily filters into relationships. In a SunTrust Bank survey, 47% of responders said they and their spouse have different spending habits. And, 35% said that money is the leading cause of stress in their relationship.

Navigating the Health Insurance Marketplace

February 13, 2015, No Comments by Kimberly L. Curtis


The Health Insurance Marketplace (Health Insurance Exchange) is the place where people without health care insurance can find information about insurance options and purchase health care. Information can also be found regarding eligibility for help with paying premiums and reducing out-of-pocket costs. In addition to the federally-facilitated Marketplace,, there are state-based Marketplaces, depending on the state in which you live.

Financial Planning Days

October 08, 2014, No Comments by Niels A. Jepsen

Do you have a financial plan? With pensions going by the wayside, retirement planning has been forced upon the individual. The security of long term company support no longer exists and individuals are now completely in charge of their retirement outcomes. What does this mean? It means a comprehensive financial plan is essential.

Tax Relief

October 07, 2014, No Comments by Shannon E. Johnson


Ah, the idyllic visions of American farmlands: red barns, green pastures, and frolicking animals. The farmer image has long been an American icon. However, with the weather patterns changing and agribusiness entering the picture, the farming landscape is definitely shifting.

Who Has Health Insurance?

September 25, 2014, No Comments by Niels A. Jepsen


Health care costs are extremely important to take into consideration with your financial plan. As the baby boomer population is aging, these factors are becoming a higher priority in each family. Making sure the coverage you have will be sufficient as you age is essential in a successful financial plan and ultimately, retirement.

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