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I must admit, for me, Thanksgiving has always been about the food (see my food obsession here). I am all about the culinary traditions. My peers laugh at the extensive preparation that goes into our feast (Hey, I can’t burn the rolls!). As I’d imagine many feel, the holidays evoke nostalgia for my Mom’s famous apple dumplings and my brother’s buttery mashed potatoes. And it’s the one time a year I actually bring out the rolling pin…I’m sure most have family traditions that come to mind.

As I prepare my extensive list of “to-do’s” and “definitely dontʼs” I think back on my Mom and her legacy with this holiday. Her recipes, her secrets and her shortcuts to make sure everything turned out perfectly, but more importantly the love we all felt from the treats she made.  Looking to the future, I hope to continue this holiday legacy.

But as families age, and traditions expand, contract, or simply shift, it is the perfect opportunity to evolve the holiday rituals. In a country of such abundance, should it really be just about the turkey? For me at least, I think it’s time for a change.

Wealth Legacy Institute is named as such for a reason. What will your legacy be? How can you leave a lasting impression on your community? 2013 can be the year you can update your traditions to include community service! This holiday season, I encourage you to not only remember and celebrate the past, but look to the future.

As we give thanks this holiday season, it’s important to remember those in need. Check out these simple things you can do to start thinking about the legacy you’re leaving, within you community and your family.

Here are a few of ideas for Thanksgiving events:

What are your Thanksgiving traditions? How do you plan of giving back to the community? What do you want your legacy to be?We would love to hear what you do to give thanks!

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