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Not all Superheroes Wear Capes - How We Use Our Financial Planning Superpower to Help You Retire Better

If someone asked “What is your superpower” do you know what you would say? Have you always known? How does your superpower help you in your daily life or career? 

It may seem silly or “woo” but finding out your superpower (and those of your colleagues and family members) can help you thrive in both work and play. Knowing there’s something out there that nobody does quite like you is thrilling⁠—not to mention, it’s a great confidence booster. When we know and work from our superpower, we tend to be more motivated, inspired, and purposeful

What Do We Mean By Superpower?

It would be great to be able to shapeshift, move like the Flash or make yourself invisible—but that’s not quite what we mean. Think of your “superpower” as your unique gift or particular area of genius. It could be a skill, an attribute, or natural ability that stands out, even among your strengths. Everyone has a superpower⁠—we just need to find out what it is

As financial advisors, you might think our superpower has to do with crunching numbers or structuring investment portfolios. Sure, we’re good at that—but the unique superpowers of our little wealth management firm might surprise you. Read on to see what we mean. 

Superpower #1 - Conviction of Our Process

The Planning for Life Experience™

Our time in the financial industry has taught us that a successful business is built on relationships. And the best way to build lasting relationships is through a standout client experience. 

At Wealth Legacy Institute we use the Planning for LIFE Experience™ to go beyond the money. Through comprehensive client onboarding including interviews, we get to know your vision, values, and goals for retirement. 

We learn exactly where you want to go so we can help you get there. But we’re not just talking about “have a million in the bank by X date”. Our priority as financial advisors is to help our clients build the most vibrant and fulfilling retirement lifestyle possible.

Once we understand what’s important to you, we’ll design a tailored financial plan with staying power. Six elements will get you there:

  1. Know your financial starting line
  2. Protect what's important
  3. Enhance your wealth
  4. Manage taxes
  5. Plan for retirement
  6. Preserve wealth & create a family legacy

We’ve seen our process at work with hundreds of couples and families who are planning their retirement—and the results are staggering!

Intelligent Investing

Investing is not about luck or magic. To have a successful investment plan that can withstand bumps in the road, you need a guiding philosophy. A formal investment process backed by a solid framework serves as a roadmap for decision making, so you don’t have to react every time the market takes a turn. 

We manage uncertainty by taking an objective, research-driven, systematic approach on how capital markets work, and incorporate the latest findings from the field into building client portfolios. You can feel confident in your retirement plan knowing that it’s based on time-tested and proven investment strategies. 

Using what we learn from the Planning for LIFE Experience and our knowledge of long-term investment strategies, we lean on this to increase the odds that clients will have the money they need to create the life they want. And, we present it in plain English. 

The four core principles of Intelligent Investing™ are:

  1. Take the long-term view
  2. Balance risk
  3. Utilize the six factors of return
  4. Practice global diversification

By combining Intelligent Investing™ with the Planning for Life Experience™ process, we help clients navigate decisions that support a healthy, fulfilling retirement life.

Superpower #2 Going Beyond the Money

A wise financial advisor once said, “You can never generate enough financial returns to create an extraordinary life.” (Spoiler alert: it was us). 

By focusing on the most human parts of financial planning, we limit the feelings of overwhelm and intimidation that many people normally feel. As the negative associations with financial planning melt away, clients are able to reflect, dream, and find clarity on what will be most important for their retirement. 

If you ask us, money management (designing and rebalancing your portfolio, minimizing your tax burden, and the like) is nothing more than table stakes. A strong financial plan is simply the foundation that helps you feel in control of your finances, so you can worry about more important thingslike leaving behind a legacy for your children or crossing items off your bucket list.  

Through long-term engagement, we move our clients through the stages of the Lifestyle Hierarchy Pyramid™: 

  • Money Management - The basics, including portfolio design, rebalancing, cash flow and budgeting, tax minimization, asset structure and location, etc.
  • Achieving Goals - Clarifying and preparing for your goals in life when it comes to financial and retirement planning, health management, risk mitigation, estate planning, charitable giving, and more.
  • Peace of Mind - Money is not a source of stress and worry; instead you feel good about your values, vision, and plans for the future.
  • Impact - You’re ready to focus on community, family, and the legacy you want to leave behind; you’re living a life of passion and purpose. 

What Do Superpowers Have to Do with Financial Planning? 

Our superpowers, like our values, guide us in everything we do. We are a small-but-mighty family of young, diverse advisors who actually care about our clients (not Wall Street interests).

Like many financial advisors, at Wealth Legacy Institute we use our experience, wisdom, and skill to help each individual and family build a successful retirement and lasting legacy. However, our specific approach is a little different: 

  • Personalized to fit your life - Our holistic approach considers not only your finances, but also your family’s values, goals, and lifestyle. 
  • Planning for the long-term - Long-term planning tends to produce better financial outcomes.
  • Fiduciary standard - Thanks to our fiduciary status, you can be confident that your best interests come first.
  • Fee-only advisors - You pay only a percentage of assets under management, with no hidden fees or commissions.

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