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Locations in Denver Where Your Pup Can Come Too

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According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, over 36% of American households own dogs. That equates to over 43 million people in the United States and a least 43 million dogs - if not more! We get why the numbers are so high: dogs make wonderful companions.

This is especially true during retirement when your new schedule adjustments can lend itself to gaps in the day, and having a pup around can provide you company and purpose — or simply keep life entertaining!

We’re not the only ones who think dogs make wonderful companions. In fact, many restaurant owners in Denver agree, and have worked to make special arrangements that allow pet-owning parents to bring the fluff balls into their establishments for entertainment companions.

Top Restaurants for Dog-Lovers in Denver

There are over 240 restaurants in Denver where you can bring your dog. That’s a lot of options! We encourage you to find your favorites (and we're sure you will) but to get you started here are our five favorites.

1. Stella’s Coffee Haus

Stella’s is a beautiful coffee house off of Pearl Street - we can’t get better than that, right? Grab a snack, coffee, and one of Stella’s complimentary dog treats and then enjoy the front porch seating with your pooch by your side.

Expert tip: Head to Stella’s during a Saturday market. It’s the perfect spot to grab a to-go coffee before buying your veggies from a local Denver farmers’ market. Just make sure your dog is very social; it gets extremely busy on the weekends.

2. Prost Brewing

While the food options are limited at the site to various food truck options, Prost Brewing is a quintessential Denver establishment. Conveniently located in the Highlands, you can enjoy the large outdoor space with your friends, family, and pets.

The urban view from the brewery is fun and festive. It’s a great spot for a casual afternoon or evening.

3. Forest Room 5

If you’re looking for a dinner spot with an outdoorsy feel, this restaurant is your place. Forest Room 5 is open six days a week, starting at 4 pm, and includes a unique patio with campfires, log stools, and plants a-plenty, and a place for your pup to hang out.

Forest Room 5 is a great urban escape. The menu is inventive, the drinks are varied, and they embrace your furry friends.

4. Black Shirt Brewing Company

Voted one of the top breweries in Colorado, Black Shirt Brewing will not disappoint you (or your fur baby). Black Shirt’s signature beers are their red ales. And, you can enjoy your brew in the trendy beer garden, which is large enough to host an event (retirement party, perhaps?).

Don’t worry, even in the dead of summer, sunshades will help keep you and your pets cool.

5. Angelo’s Taverna

We all love a good deal, right? Well, Angelo’s is top of the list for quality at a fair price! Angelo’s has one of the best happy hours in the city with deeply discounted wine, beer, pizza, and famous chargrilled oysters.

And, their patio is the place to spend an afternoon chilling with family, friends, and of course, your dog.

Other Locations for Your Fur Baby

If you’re looking for other locations to bring your pup, there are some other options to consider:


Denver has more than 5,000 acres of traditional parks and parkways, which include 2,500 urban natural acres and over 300 acres of designated rivers and trails. While most of these lands are dog-friendly, there are typically leash laws.

If you’re looking to let your pup run free, there is a great off-leash dog park outside of Lake Chatfield where your dog can roam and jump in dog-friendly lakes.

Regional Events

If you’re a true dog lover then you shouldn’t miss the annual National Western Stock Show. They host the events SuperDogs and Fly ball competitions, where dogs perform various athletic feats. These shows are definitely a fun, family event.

Bark at the Park

Many Major League Baseball stadiums are now hosting events where you can bring your dog to the ballpark, and the Colorado Rockies are no exception. Each August, they host ‘Bark at the Park’, where you can watch the game from a designated “dog zone,” enjoy a pre-game parade around the warning track and get a Colorado Rockies bandana for your pup.

Fun Runs and Races

If you’re a runner, consider bringing your pup on your next 5K competition. Most events allow you to bring your dogs into the race with you, but of course, you should always double check to make certain.

Not only are these races a perfect opportunity to get some exercise, but you can also get some training, and bonding time with your dogs. Pro Tip: Have your furry friend carry your water bottle for you!

Finding Happiness With Your Personal Retirement Plan

You might think it’s strange that a Denver wealth management firm cares about the top local spots to bring your dog, but we think it’s an important piece of the personal retirement plan puzzle.

When thinking about what to consider for retirement, relocation might be in your plan. For that reason, it’s critical your city shares the same passions and values you do. So, if you’re a dog-oriented person Denver might just be a place that shares your ideals best!

Want to learn more about retirement in Denver? Check out our 2019 Guide to Retiring in Denver.

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