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How many times have you attended a lecture, seminar or workshop and thought, “Well, that was interesting… but how does it apply to me?” Personally, I know I can count more than a few times. I’ve learned that sometimes the learning- moments may not be a list of ten action items for the next three months. The “takeaway” may be more subtle, more profound than a to-do list. And it may not sink in immediately. It’s also my experience that these lessons can sometimes be more helpful than some paperwork.  For example:

As often as possible my husband, Erik, and I try to travel because we love to experience different sights, sounds, and tastes. But I believe we subconsciously know and feel that travel is a powerful tool for personal and professional development. Whether within our home state of Colorado or in a distant, foreign country, we love to get out and see the world. Our deep appreciation for nature and history drives us to prioritize experiencing new places.

One of our most impactful take-always is to slow down and not take anything for granted.  Travel helps us appreciate and understand how fortunate we are to have such opportunities and privilege.

Kim Curtis teaches in her Art of Negotiation workshop that people view the world through their own unique lenses, based on their own individual experiences. Through that lens, people make their observations from what they see, hear, and experience. Those observations lead to interpretations, which ultimately lead to conclusions of what they think happened or occurred.  Everyone’s conclusions are different because of their own unique lens.

This point has always stuck with me.

Isn’t that so beautiful? The disagreements between your family members, the frustration of a friend not understanding your point of view, a boss misinterpreting your vision, or a spouse wanting to solve your problem is all a matter of a different lens. These conflicts are the result of not understanding that we each have different lenses, and see things differently. Traveling has provided my husband and me with the opportunity to understand the different lenses through which people see.

We are always learning.

An amazing lesson I’ve learned is that we each need to listen a little more and understand each other’s stories.  I’ve learned that my story (and yours) is never complete.

At the end of every trip, Erik and I always share our high and low points. We then discuss what we can learn from our experience to better our lives personally and professionally. It always amazes me that we both shared the same trip but we always experience something different. We always have an individual lesson we can share with each other.

Henry Miller, an American author, once said “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

At Wealth Legacy Institute, we believe our observations from lifelong journeys positively contribute to our personal and professional growth. It nurtures our ability to thrive in a collaborative environment where everyone has the capacity to listen. We’re able to foster an environment where our individual lenses aid the team’s ability to grow.

Please share with us how travel helped you in your personal or professional growth.

Bon Voyage!


** Kim Curtis is available to speak on a variety of topics including Women and Money, Behavioral Finance, The Art of Negotiation, and Raising Financially Confident Children. Please contact for more information**

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