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"COVID-friendly" Summer Vacations for Denver Retirees

Even with stay-at-home orders relaxing across the country, it’s clear this year will be a summer like no other. Camps and internships are on hold for our younger generations, and many families, including retirees, have already postponed or scrapped summer vacation plans altogether. 

After over two months of quarantine, you may feel the need for an escape now more than ever—yet the evolving COVID-19 situation is forcing us to reimagine what that looks like. 

With international destinations like Paris and Barcelona off the list, many of our clients are seeking “COVID-friendly” ideas for summer fun. Fortunately for Denver retirees, we basically live in a giant playground overflowing with possibilities. 

These close-to-home vacation ideas will keep you busy (and safe) all summer long.

Seek Adventure in Your Own Backyard

This year, hopping in the car is going to be favored over flying. Could 2020 spur the revival of the great American road trip? Colorado has millions of acres of accessible federal, state, and municipal open spaces that make it easy to keep a safe distance. 

Experience Scenic & Historic Byways

Colorado is crisscrossed by 26 scenic and historic byways. Each offers postcard views and highlights along the way. Near Cañon City, the 2.8-mile stretch known as Skyline Drive will make you feel like you’re driving a cliff’s edge. Adventure, check. Amazing views, check. Or, for something a little less death-defying, you can explore lush river valleys along the Flat Tops trail. It’s up to you!

Revisit Classic Americana

If you’re not into hiking or fly fishing, don’t worry. Colorado offers a taste of nostalgia in the form of quirky roadside attractions. How about an Instagram photo with the largest fork in the U.S. located in charming Creede? Or, check out the ultimate display of upcycling at Junkrassic Park - Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site is also nearby.

Go RV Camping

It’s no wonder RV sales are up this year. You can eat, sleep, and get where you’re going, all with limited contact. But before you and your sanitizing wipes head off to fight the crowds at Rocky Mountain National Park, check out this list of underrated natural landmarks. And be sure to double check before visiting to see if they’re open.

Take Up Creative and Outdoor Projects 

By this time, it’s possible you’ve already baked your weight in sourdough, or you can’t even think about another whipped coffee. If that’s the case, it’s time to come up with some new home projects. 

Build a Garden  

Learning to grow your own food is so rewarding. It’s great for your health, your wallet, and the environment. By mid-July you can start planting fall-season crops, so start getting your beds ready now! Not interested in growing food? Plant some beds with native plants and grasses or create a xeriscape that fits our arid climate.

Become a Beekeeper

Beekeeping is all the rage right now—many beekeepers claim it’s rewarding and even relaxing! If you love honey and connecting to nature, you might enjoy the gentle buzz of beekeeping. There are several clubs and organizations in the Denver area providing resources and equipment to help you get started.

Host a Family Vision Boarding Session

If isolation and cancelled plans have taken a toll on your mental health, a family vision boarding session could be the perfect reset. A dream board or vision board is a creative tool to help you visualize your goals, as well as inspire and motivate you to make them happen. You’ll need to gather some crafting supplies including magazines and brochures, then get everyone together (via Zoom or at a safe distance, of course) for some fun and powerful life planning. 

Tackle a Home Renovation Project 

If you’re like many of our clients, you’ve got a list of home improvement projects waiting in the wings. We often put off home renovation projects because we’re “too busy”. Well, this slowed-down summer might be the perfect time for that DIY home renovation. So what’ll it be: spring cleaning in summer, building a deck out back, finally getting around to cleaning out the garage?

A Wealth Legacy Institute, we believe financial planning and life planning go hand in hand. Contact us now to learn more. 

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