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Currency Conversations

September 22, 2016, No Comments by Kimberly L. Curtis


Over this past summer my family and I took a trip to Southeast Asia. It was our last summer before our daughter left for college at CU Boulder and we felt it was important for our children to be exposed to a culture and life different from their own. The adventure was eye-opening in many ways, but as a financial advisor, experiencing a country in the developing economic stages was especially interesting.

Paycheck ABCs

September 16, 2016, No Comments by Shannon E. Johnson


Every other week you watch funds come into you account... It's payday, hooray! So, when was the last time you took a few minutes to check out the summary of information on your paycheck? Do you know what all of those letters mean? Once you know what all the abbreviations stand for, you can make sure your various elections are correct. Check it out: 

Car Ownership

September 09, 2016, No Comments by Niels A. Jepsen


Other than real estate, buying a car may be one of the more expensive purchases you make. Seeing how the car fits into your financial plan is an important step. Before jumping into a big-expense item, it's important to assess what you prioritize and your financing options. 

Labor Day Deals

September 02, 2016, No Comments by Kimberly L. Curtis


Ah, summer is almost over! Did that fly by or what? As school is back in session, kids are off to college, and the (dare I say it?) leaves begin to change, Labor Day weekend is our last opportunity to take in the summer time. Hopefully, you get to celebrate a long weekend with family, friends and a cook out. Another tradition around the Labor Day holiday is the DEALS. As financial advisors, it's no surprise we love a good deal. US News & World Report released information about how to get the best bang for your buck this weekend. Here are the main take-a-ways: 

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