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Approaching Retirement?

July 28, 2016, No Comments by Shannon E. Johnson


Are you within ten years of retirement? If so, congratulations! With that exciting thought in mind, it's time to begin considering the different variables around your retirement. While the excitement begins to simmer, it can also be an overwhelming thought. Have you put all of your ducks in a row? Are you where you want to be emotionally, financially, physically and spiritually? As you make these assessments, consider the following points as you're a decade or so away from the big leap: 

Student Aid Regulations

July 07, 2016, No Comments by Niels A. Jepsen


This week, the Department of Education has issued new regulations for debit and credit cards that are linked to student aid disbursements. Many consumer advocates have argued the prepaid cards that are associated with student aid have unnecessarily high fees associated with the bank accounts and a lack of transparency. This can essentially chip away at federal funding college students receive. These new regulations are in place to protect students moving forward. According to the Department of Education, the rules will do the following: 

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