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Tax Effects of Divorce or Separation

August 26, 2015, No Comments by Kimberly L. Curtis


While divorce can be a sad and trying time for families, understanding the financial impact of the separation going into it can make you feel like you have some control in the process. The IRS published a helpful list on the tax impact of a divorce or legal separation. Here's a good list of key tips to understand if you get divorced: 

Student Loan Interest Rates

August 19, 2015, No Comments by Niels A. Jepsen

College planning is an important aspect of your overall financial plan. Choices made around funding your child's education can have a huge impact on your retirement objectives. Now, there is some good news for students and parents-- rates on new loans issued during this academic year, July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016 are slightly lower than they've been in the past. The details are listed in the chart below: 

Retirement Planning Stages

August 11, 2015, No Comments by Shannon E. Johnson


Your financial plan will be reliant upon many factors: income, family composition, assets & liabilities, goals and ultimately, your life stage. 

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