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Trade Tariffs Can't Spoil a Good Retirement Plan

Trade Tariffs Can't Spoil a Good Retirement Plan

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Taxpayer Rights

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Be Aware of Tax Scams

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Recent Market Volatility

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Cost of College [Video]

What has Equifax Done Since Cyberattack? Nothing Good!

Equifax Data Breach - What You Need To Do Now

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How to Protect and Build Your Credit Score [7 Tips]

Marriage Money [Video]

College Tax Credits [Comparison]

Retirement Confidence [Stats]

Young Adulthood Census [Report]

Mother's Day Savings [4 Tips]

Caring for an Aging Parent [Video]

Mortgage Options [Infographic]

Retirement Planning- IRA Contributions [Chart]

Interest Rate Hike [Video]

Job Transition [Checklist]

Financial Spring Cleaning [Infographic]

Investing and Taxes [Chart]

How to Budget in Three Basic Steps [Checklist]

Best Financial Advisors: Wealth Legacy Institute [Award]

How to Build Wealth if you have Debt [Interview]

Buying a Home

Charitable Giving

Holiday Spending Tips


Medicare Enrollment

Currency Conversations

Paycheck ABCs

Car Ownership

Labor Day Deals

Life Insurance Needs

Federal Student Loans

Olympic Sized Spending

Approaching Retirement?

Student Aid Regulations

Ready to Retire?

Mother's Day

Financial Spring Cleaning

401(k) Rollovers

IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award Finalist

St. Patrick's Day

Retirement Distributions

Identity Theft Recovery

Medicare ABC(&D)s

Voted Top Wealth Advisor in Colorado & Your Tax Returns

Kim Curtis on MoneyLife Podcast

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Independence Day

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Money Secrets Signing and Lectures

Health Care and Your Taxes

Happy April Fools' Day!

IRA Contributions

Retirement: IRA or Roth IRA?

Business Expense Tax Deductions

Standard or Itemized Tax Deductions?

National Consumer Protection Week

Elmira Lecture and Book Signing

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Capital Gains and Losses

5 Reasons Not to Own a Vacation Property

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Tax Help on Social Media

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Super Bowl Sunday

Saving for College

Tax Filing Tips

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Who's Doing Your Taxes?

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Season's Greetings

Tax Provisions Extended

Money Mindset

Taxes & Charitable Gifts

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Retirement Withdrawals

Charitable Giving

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Veterans Day

Election Day

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Retirement Readiness


Financial Planning Days

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Estate Planning Tips

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My Splitboard Sabbatical

The World Cup Budget

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I Prefer Black over Orange

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Food for Thought

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Cupid's Arrow

Goals That Score and Those That Won't

My Secret Life Hanging Out in Fiscal Cliffs

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